General Support

Website support tasks to keep your site in shape

There are web support tasks you should expect to be done on a regular basis on your website, these are the ones we think are the most important.


CodeBulls Top-Bar

What is CodeBulls Top-Bar? CodeBulls TopBar es un plugin para la plataforma de WordPress creado por nuestro equipo de desarrolladores. Este plugin surgió debido a que se vio la necesidad de implementar una top-bar en los diferentes sitios desarrollados por nuestro equipo, además de ello muchos de los plugins actuales no cumplían con las expectativas […]


Key benefits of having a website

¿Why you should invest in a Website? In CodeBulls we know what you earn with a web page or a commercial profile in a social network (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter according to the nature and model of your business), we believe that every organization must be up to date with the technological advances that Bring […]

General Wordpress

Why use WordPress to make websites in 2020?

What is WordPress? WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, it is a very reliable tool when making a website. Many may think that WordPress is only to make sites for student work or simple presentation pages but throughout all these years, thousands of developers around the world have helped […]