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What is CodeBulls Top Bar?

CodeBulls Top Bar is a plugin for the WordPress platform created by our team of developers. This plugin was b0rn because the team needed to implement a custom top-bar in different sites developed by our company, in addition, other top-bar plugins did not meet the expectations of the team when developing a page, since they offered little or no customization or were not 100% functional.

What can you modify / achieve?

This plugin has the possibility to segment the top bar in 1,2 or 3 columns, which allows you to have more control over what you want to show on your pages. In addition, the content of each column is fully customizable, allowing the entry of plain text , WordPress shortcodes and HTML.

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Regarding top-bar styles, there is a field within the plugin settings which allows you to write your own CSS code. In addition, there is the possibility of modifying the background color of the top-bar, it’s size and the color of the text within it.

Advantages over others

In CodeBulls we do not complicate life, we try to make a functional plugin as simple as possible for potential consumers, therefore, its main advantages are:

  • Easy to use: It is not necessary to create many options to have a top bar, we give you the basics to have your top-bar.
  • Light: Having so little code the plugin is really light compared to others, because it loads only that you want to see, nothing more.
  • Fully customizable: You have total control over the content of the top-bar, there are no brands, no images, no junk code just the content you want for your page.

Where can it be obtained?

Currently, the plugin is in the plugins section of WordPress. Click here to install.

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