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Ecommerce is a great competitive advantage in the sales force of companies, whether they are large companies or PyMEs. It is a fact that consumers are fully accustomed to make their purchases online, in which payment procedures are increasingly diverse and secure.

They have totally boosted traditional commerce, serving users the products or services they need right to their doorstep, securely and with a wide variety to choose from. In CodeBulls we work with the aim of boosting your business, that’s why we want to tell you how we improve the experience in these fashion online stores.


Your customers will not hesitate to close your website if it takes too long to load, or if they have a hard time understanding what your store is about. Many online stores try to do too much, including too many things on their website, which end up making it a cumbersome and complicated website.

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With Maaji we set ourselves the goal of improving the loading speed to make the overall user experience the ideal for the web, several factors influence this, but the most important lies in how fast the user can load the web itself, the products and all the valuable content you have to offer in your online fashion store.


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The design of your online store plays a crucial role. It is the place where potential customers will land, the place where you must close sales. That’s why we took care of making a change in the template Boamar was using, in order to improve the user experience and give the touch they wanted to their website. In addition to this we also added a mix and match section so that the user can make their purchase of combined garments.


In an increasingly globalized world, selling over the Internet to other countries is a real and accessible opportunity. Gone are the days when the only way to achieve internationalization was by establishing branches in other countries, attending trade fairs and congresses or hiring international sales agents.


Selling abroad through the Internet is an option that, if done well, can give us much better results than through more traditional channels. Especially if we target a specific niche and focus on it. However, having a professional translation service will be the key to increase your international sales in your fashion online store.

With Benedictions we worked on that so they could start entering the North American market. The corresponding translations were done and he started selling his products in the USA as well.

Wild & Pacific

Having a website with updated products is the first step to start selling through it, however, there are other things that are needed for those sales to be really successful.

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With Wild & Pacific we work based on our star service, “Codeboost”. Service that allows them to have a significant improvement in SEO, Email Marketing, with mass emails and strategically created for their users, support in each of its pages, plus they also opted for the sale of products in the USA. A service that we have to offer and that will make your business exceed your expectations and goals.

Seeing each of the things we can help you to improve and enhance through CRO techniques and more, don’t wait any longer to give that push to your business, it’s time to move to the next level and surround yourself with those results that will guarantee the success of your fashion online store.

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