Seasonal marketing: A perfect strategy for every special date

Seasonal marketing is complemented by a series of temporary strategies related to a specific period of the year. That is, they are types of disclosures based on holidays, which aim to sell more on certain days of the year. The strategies used on commemorative dates give important results, since the number of sales, normally, increases a lot on those days. If you work with the Internet and have not yet thought about it, there is nothing better than to start applying this type of strategy to promote your products and services.

Why do seasonal marketing?

In shopping malls or neighborhood stores, it is easy to perceive the importance of creating different strategies during commemorative dates. After all, this is a way to get consumers’ attention.

And in the digital market?

We have observed that those who are already adapting their campaigns according to each season of the year are standing out from the rest.

Another great advantage for those who market digital products is that the delivery of the products can be fully automated, the effort to sell 1 or 1,000 products is the same.

The one who has an e-commerce of physical products, for example, does not enjoy the same advantage and can get complicated when it comes to shipping the items to the buyers.

By overcoming the shipping of products, the increase in sales occurs with a minimal increase in investment. They just need to change the promotional strategy and reap the rewards of seasonal marketing that emerges at specific times of the year.

How to use commemorative dates in your seasonal marketing actions?

1 – Know your audience and the life cycle of your business.

To benefit from commemorative dates, you need to have a good understanding of your business model. Understand what your lifecycle is and who you are targeting.

2 – Use commemorative dates to discover micro-niches.

This is the most valuable suggestion in this post. Producers and Affiliates focused on a niche market can look to the commemorative dates as an opportunity to create and promote products from different microniches.

3 – Use commemorative dates to tailor the bonus offer.

For some entrepreneurs, the strategy of creating themed digital products according to each season of the year can be complex. After all, it requires many launches and promotions.

4 – Be aware of the international calendar of commemorative dates.

When the product is related to the international market or has already been translated into other languages, it is important to be aware of commemorative dates in other countries. The holiday calendar varies greatly around the world and, therefore, the digital entrepreneur can discover new sales opportunities.

5 -Transform the Copy and Design of campaigns.

The easiest way to take advantage of commemorative dates in the digital business is to adapt the promotional campaigns. If the entrepreneur feels that it will not be a good strategy to make changes in the product or in the bonus, it is always advisable to exploit opportunity marketing in advertisements.

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