Why use WordPress to make websites?

Why use WordPress to make websites? cover image

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, it is a very reliable tool when making a website. Many may think that WordPress is only to make sites for student work or simple presentation pages but throughout all these years, thousands of developers around the world have helped make it a professional tool to do different types of projects. In fact, the advantages of WordPress are many, it is a flexible software, which makes it very useful for different types of projects. For me the main advantages are:

  • It is an open source software, being the most used CMS in the world, the updates are constant, as are the new features, as plugins are developed daily that will help us a lot on our sites.
  • It is not necessary to know how to program to make a site with WordPress, but just imagine what a person who knows about programming can do, what I always say: ‘Making a site in WordPress is easy, making a good site in WordPress is hard’.
  • With WordPress, we can make 100% customized websites that can be easily updated by anyone.

Themes that fits projects

It is not always necessary to start from scratch, because on the internet we can find millions of templates made by great teams of designers and developers that will help us define how we want our site to look, giving us the best ideas for our users to have an unique experience when visiting us.

There are different types of stores that offer templates, given the great variety we can find templates that perfectly fit any project, allowing us to customize 100% to our liking.


One of the most popular plugins that exist for WordPress.

Woocommerce allows you to transform our site into an online store in a very friendly way, adding different functionalities that allow us to take control of the store, managing its features such as inventory, types of shipments, types of payment, promotions, among many other things .

woo commerce

Not to mention that many of the plugins that we find in the WordPress marketplace are developed for woocommerce, which add extra functionality to our store.

Many companies, from small to medium, use WordPress + Woocommerce for their online stores, ensuring that they can support large volumes of products and customers. In addition, being in the digital age, who does not want to sell their products on the web?.

What should you consider to build a WordPress site?

There are many things that we must consider when developing a site in a professional manner, such as responsiveness, databases, security, etc … WordPress takes care of all facilitating and speeding up the development of the site.

We could say that for a full-stack developer to make a presentation site from scratch should not take much time and it may be true, but to make a presentation site (and not to mention an online store) that has a sufficiently friendly administrative module So that any user is able to edit their content, it is what makes WordPress an excellent choice when creating a website.

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