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In a world where online education has become essential, we were faced with a client whose Open edX platform and its integration with WooCommerce required specialized attention. The client was already using a plugin, but the growth of their platform and changing system demands required a more robust and adaptable solution.


With a commitment to providing a seamless learning experience, our team in conjunction with eduNEXT embarked on substantially improving the existing plugin. The vision was clear: develop an evolving tool that would allow WordPress and Shopify users to manage their Open edX courses seamlessly and efficiently.

Optimización de Plugin WordPress

Key Features of the Enhanced Plugin

1. Creating Open edX Courses as WooCommerce Products

  • Makes it easy to designate Open edX courses as products in WooCommerce.
  • Allows to assign course modes and course_id registered in the Open edX platform.

2. Open edX Connection Configuration

Introduces a new option in the WordPress configuration to store authentication information related to the Open edX platform.

3. Registration Manager

Records all enrollment requests generated when purchasing products that are Open edX courses.

4. Viewing Enrollment Requests from Orders

Easy access to registration requests related to Open edX products in WooCommerce orders.

5. Creating Enrollments in Open edX

Automatically creates an enrollment request when processing an order containing an Open edX course.

6. Soft Enrollment Management from Reimbursements

  • Keeps the registration record, but sets the “is_active” attribute to false in case of refunds.
  • Supports the removal of “allowed entries” as of version 15.

7. Obtaining Registration Information

Request Open edX APIs to retrieve the enrollment status of a user in a course.

Key Statistics

89 Commits

4 Sprints

2 weeks duration each

2 Unit Tests


PHP: 94%, CSS and JS: 6%


This project not only addressed existing problems but also laid the groundwork for future improvements. The effective collaboration of the team, combined with the adaptability of the new plugin, has transformed the way our clients manage and deliver courses through their WordPress and Shopify platforms.

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Let's build the following WordPress plugin together

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