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ÉTEKA: Slow Beach Hotel

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Website: https://etekacartagena.com/

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Service: Evolutive Support and Custom Developments

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Platform: WordPress

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Industry: Hotel

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Location: Cartagena, Colombia


ÉTEKA is one of our happiest clients, we have been working together for about 2 years now and everything has been a success. The communication between both parties has been wonderful, which has led to successful projects together that have brought many more clients for them.

Initially they contacted us because they wanted to restructure their web page and improve the presentation they had before their clients, an objective that we were able to overcome notoriously and that we work every day to continue improving.

Next, we will show you some of the changes, improvements and automations we have made through our Evolutive Support and Custom Development services.

Evolutive Support: Elevating the Hotel Experience

Importance of Evolutive Support

From CodeBulls we think that all companies should have an Evolutive Support plan either with us, with another company or have someone to take care of it, because we always want to be making improvements to our site, which can take us a long time because we do not have the technical knowledge or because they are a little more complex changes.

1. Banners

ÉTEKA is constantly changing their banners because they have new promotions, events or want to give some information. They take care of the design and pass it to us to upload it to the site, even adding a button if necessary.

banner eteka 1
Banner de ÉTEKA

2. Sections

Sometimes ÉTEKA wishes to change and/or add new sections, for which we meet and together we discuss ideas to bring these new sections to fruition. The following are 2 of the latest sections we have recently added to the home page.

The following section is for making reservations from the website. What we did was to connect to the simpleBooking API so that users start the booking process from the ÉTEKA website and finish it on the simpleBooking portal.

Motor de Reservas de ÉTEKA

Another section we added was the Google reviews section. This way new users can see other people’s opinions about the hotel and have more confidence when taking any service with them.

Sección de Reseñas de ÉTEKA

3. Design

Sometimes we want to give freshness to our site or adapt to new trends, so we want to put a “new skin” to the page. The following images are the old and the new footer.

Antiguo Footer de ÉTEKA
Old Footer
Nuevo Footer de ÉTEKA
New Footer

Customized Developments: Creating Unique Experiences

In conjunction with ÉTEKA, we saw the opportunity to optimize the “Daypass” service, because initially if people wanted to spend a day in the sun at the hotel they had to contact us by WhatsApp and make the reservation, now they can do it directly from the website.

To optimize this process we created the following 2 pages within the site:

1. Daypass Landing Page

We create a page where all the information of the service is presented, in this case of the Pasadías, since it is useful to explain in a complete way what is being offered and captivate people to pay for the service and also helps us to position the page through SEO in Google or in the case of doing a paid traffic campaign (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) to bring people to this place to read all the information.

Página de Pasadías de ÉTEKA - Inicio
Página de Pasadías de ÉTEKA

2. Daypass Reservations Page

Once people are interested in purchasing the service we take them to a new page where they can choose the date of their stay at the hotel, add a massage if they wish and even buy a souvenir.

servicio pasadias eteka
Servicio de Pasadías ÉTEKA - Complementos

Additionally, in the final part we added a section of service ratings where people can see what others think about the experience they had at the hotel, thus helping them to make the decision to purchase the service.

Servicio de Pasadías ÉTEKA - Testimonios

Long-Term Collaboration: Continued Success

One of the keys to ÉTEKA’s success in conjunction with CodeBulls has been the long-term vision we have had from the beginning. We know that the modifications and improvements made today will have their results in a few months, so it is important to be patient and to be continuously evolving.

As we collaborate more with our client, in this case ÉTEKA, we understand more about their business, which helps us understand their customers and makes it easier for us to propose improvements or changes that can benefit the website.


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