Black Friday, prepare your digital resources and boost your sales this season.

Black Friday, prepare your digital resources and boost your sales this season cover image

Black Friday is the perfect excuse to encourage consumption before the December holidays. This 2022 will be on Friday, November 25 and at Codebulls we give you some tips so that your company can sell more in an organized and strategic way.

In 2020, Black Friday began to gain momentum in online shopping. This means that it is essential to prepare your materials to ensure that you will attract the attention of your audience.

Next, we want you to know some tips that will help you have a successful Black Friday strategy:

1- Create specific campaigns on your website with your Black Friday offer offering a real discount.

It is not about incorporating a general discount for your website but about studying which products you can afford to make that specific and real discount. Consumers often study the prices of the products that interest them. Do not do the typical thing of raising prices and then lowering them on these special days. They will realize.

2- Adapt your website to your Black Friday offer.

The ideal is to create a specific landing for your campaign, yes, keep this landing year after year, to position the page. Prepare specific banners with your offers for these two days, check that the discount coupons work, create an image for your campaign that is recognizable, incorporate a wish list, make the discount or offer only available in a number of units to provoke the sensation of urgency in the client, put a limit on the stock. You should also check that the information on shipping costs and shipping times is visible, to avoid complaints and perhaps extend your return policy for those users who take advantage of Black Friday to buy their Christmas gifts.

3- Cross selling of products.

Do not be left alone with what the client has gone looking for. In many cases, the user who enters an ecommerce with the intention of buying a product, chooses others if you offer them. Establish a list of products to increase the amount of the sale and offer complementary products with special discounts.

4- Work on Abandoned Carts through Email Marketing with an urgent and needy call and perhaps an extra discount.

If you still do not work with abandoned carts on your website, you should know that you are losing a good sales opportunity. Around 60% of users abandon the cart at some point in the purchase process and on average 75% of those users did have a purchase intention. So, if you don’t do it today, start doing it with Black Friday. Create an email with information about the abandoned cart and offer an extra discount to ensure the purchase. Incorporate the urgency and need in this email.

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Take care of some mistakes…

In addition to this, we also want you to be aware of these mistakes, so you don’t make them:

1- Raise prices weeks before and then generate false discounts.

It is something more common than we think, a strategy that has worked for some businesses for years, especially physical ones, and that is usually taken to online stores in the wrong way. Users must never be deceived. If you can afford a discount, great, but if not, don’t increase prices in October and then lower them at the end of November. If you get caught, the criticism can be dire. This is a technique that can give you a bad online reputation.

2- Start preparing the Black Friday campaign the week before.

If you don’t have anything ready for Black Friday on November 20, it’s better to let it be. The Black Friday campaign has a lot of work: creating a specific landing page, advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google, banners. The ideal is to start designing your campaign at least a month in advance.

3- Not checking the capacity of your hosting.

Monitor the capacity of your website and your server. If it is already limited as normal, on Black Friday you can have traffic spikes and this can cause your website to crash if it is not well optimized. Make sure that your hosting can handle the volume of traffic that will come to you these days.

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