Key benefits of having a website

Key benefits of having a website cover image

¿Why you should invest in a Website?

In CodeBulls we know what you earn with a web page or a commercial profile in a social network (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter according to the nature and model of your business), we believe that every organization must be up to date with the technological advances that Bring the world today. Currently, customers, employees and suppliers hope to find and communicate with a business online.

The web is something similar to appear in the yellow pages, if you or your company do not have a profile, potential customers will not be able to find your business and trust it. When you create or invest in a space on the “World Wide Web” many doors and possibilities to grow opens, here we present the best for us:

Web Presence

1. The first achievement you unlock is to be there always, all the time and for half of the world. With a presence on the web (either on social networks or with a web page) an infinite gap of possibilities is opened to find new clients daily, these days more and more people connect and browse a network that has 4,388 million ‘ Internet users’ and a penetration of 57% of the world’s population, the growth in the number of Internet users between January 2018 and January 2019 represented 9.1%, an exponential growth and being connected to the Internet is already a fundamental tool to progress as a society

Being exposed to more visibility makes it essential to have a website, people can get to know and find your business more easily, even if people have heard about your company on the street, nowadays most people first make an online investigation before leaving home.


2. You can sell services or products directly to your visitors without intermediaries or third parties as if it were a physical store, you can better control your inventory and shipping logistics of your business. Selling on the Internet has many advantages thanks to the minimum risk and investment involved and its massive scope.

Targeted Ads

3. Another opportunity that opens up is the ability to segment its visitors and advertise targeted according to their preferences, this is done through the collection of keywords, habits, regions, genres, professions, and interests of users. All this information will be at your fingertips to create smarter advertising and ensure the highest return on your marketing investment.

Search Engine Optimization

4. Knowing exactly what your customers are looking for to reach your content will be possible and you will be able to see the terms that people are looking for to reach your page and this way attract more visitors in an organic way and without investing a single penny.


5. Learn more about your visitors and their tastes: thanks to the interaction offered by a web page with your visits over time you will begin to recognize behavior patterns and the most prevalent tastes of your different customer segments, this will help you plan with accurate information and in a better way the development and production processes of your new products and services.

Google Adsense

6. Depending on the quality and frequency of your content, you can earn extra income by placing ads on your website, whether text, graphics or advanced interactive advertising, one of the tools for this is Google AdSense and in association with Google AdWords advertisers through a complex instant auction system.

Google AdSense uses a number of technologies to show relevant ads to visitors, whether indexing website content, geographic location and other factors (including special promotions of major brands). This guarantees advertisers to reach the public they are looking for, while delivering useful ads to users.


The importance of having a place on the Internet is indisputable, however, to optimize it 100%, make the most of your investment in time and money it is important to stay active, approach and interact with your current customers, find new customers constantly and improve the overall operation of your business will help you achieve success on the Internet.

For a small business, a well-designed and professional website is a way to create credibility and look bigger than it really is. When you compare the cost of creating a website with what it costs to promote a business in traditional media such as radio, television or the press, it is clear that a website is the most economical form of marketing.

Companies that do not yet have a presence on the Web are making without realizing a statement about their ability to adopt technology and adapt to changes in the current dynamic environment.

If you have a business and want to sell your products or services on the Internet, or if you want to start in the web or ecommerce world, tell us your idea and we will advise you on how to start with the minimum risk and how much it could cost. We invite you to fill out our quotation form on this link, you can also write us to and we will contact you.

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